Virtual Reality Therapy

VR therapy can treat and support a broad range of conditions and challenges including: 

  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Anger Management and difficulty regulating emotions
  • Depression and Mood Lability
  • “Food Issues” AND MORE!

There is much scientific bibliography on VR benefits in mental health and compares VR efficacy to in vivo traditional techniques. VR Therapy creates the possibility to apply a wide range of techniques without the use of traditional methods like imagination or in vivo exposure. Imagination skills and in vivo exposure usually requires great effort for only mild results. Also, in vivo exposure has shown a high level of rejection, as it is often considered overly intense (García-Palacios et al., 2007). VR offers highly customized sessions, increases confidentiality and reduces logistic costs (Maldonado J.G., 2002). AND ITS FUN!!!!!!!!!!