Currently Running Groups

Please email with interest in any of these groups. Some may have a wait list at this time.

Please also email me if there is a group idea that isn’t listed here. If I can promote a group of interest and gain enough members, I am happy to lead.

Girls Group (Ages 8-15)

*option for an older group depending on need

Girls Group is for adolescent girls that need an opportunity to talk about daily stressors, school, self esteem, body image, relationships and more! This group provides a safe space for connection and support.

Working with Anxiety Group

*Varying in age, depending on need

Anxiety has found its way into many of our lives in one way or another and this group will provide a space for members to share their own struggles in attempt to normalize and validate each others experiences. Through this support system we will develop a greater ability to cope and understand our anxieties as we lean into them.

Social Skills Group (Ages 6-10)

Looking for an opportunity to have your child involved in a group where then can continue to learn about flexibility, perspective taking, social awareness, and self-regulation? Kids around the world are having fun learning about their own super-strengths using the Superflex® Curriculum. This is one of my favorites! Clients will learn how to become their own superhero through engaging and motivating stories and activities.

Internal Family Systems (Parts Work)

Internal Family Systems therapy looks at the mind-body as a complete system running on a complex foundation of parts. Think of them as sub-personalities.

Each of your parts were either inherited or formed by some sort of event or trauma in your life. At the time, you may not have been equipped to cope. So, your system created a new “part.” One that was able to process and move on from the event in whatever way it could.

Sometimes, this manifests itself as a shyness or an underlying anxiety. Other times, it’s self-judgement, addiction, or something else you “wish was different.”

Internal Family Systems group therapy teaches us how to understand, coexist with, and (eventually) love each part. Then, as we get to know ourselves, we can get to know our Self.